We build quickly, economically and ecologically.

We build using Eco-Panels.

Why we build using Eco-Panels


The Eco-Panel as a construction element

  • Eco-Panels replace traditional construction materials.
  • Eco-Panels are manufactured from highly compressed wheat straw without the use of binding materials.
  • The compact straw core is covered with a triple-layered recycled paper cardboard, made in the Czech Republic.


  • Benefits
    Economical – building with Eco-Panels works out to be less expensive than with plasterboard, chipboard, plywood or MDF panels, even when taking into consideration total costs, i.e. including insulation, framing (Eco-Panels are self-supporting), fastening materials and labour costs
    Simple installation – Eco-Panel are easy to cut, shape and install.
    Variety of surface finishes possible – Eco-Panels readily accept all types of regular surface finishes, such as paint, wallpaper, tiles, stucco, etc.
    Firm, robust construction
    Excellent acoustic and heat insulating properties – saves you money
    Highly fire-resistant – the product does not contain sufficient oxygen to support combustion
    Impact-resistant – the panels cannot, for example, be smashed like drywall plasterboard


What you’ll appreciate

  • low operating costs and dry building process
  • overall breathability – houses built from Eco-Panels do not require any additional forced ventilation systems
  • the comfort of natural materials
  • no vapour-proof barrier necessary – Eco-Panels function as a vapour barrier
  • Eco-Panels absorb moisture, hold it, and, when temperature conditions warrant, release it, providing room humidification

Proven security

Eco-Panels are a proven system

  • Manufacture of Eco-Panels began in England over 50 years ago and have their own set of strict standards.
  • In the Czech Republic, this technology began to be used in 1999. Eco-Panels are manufactured locally using Czech technology. 


  • All materials used in the manufacture of Eco-Panels are completely ecologically clean and come from renewable natural resources.
  • A rodent repellent is added to the straw core.

Use of Eco-Panels

  • Partitions, ceilings, cladding of all types of wood-frame construction and pre-fab homes – such as modular formwork or movable partitions, zero-energy homes, low-energy wood buildings, passive energy wood buildings.
  • Usable anywhere where quick and easy construction from quality, long-lasting materials is needed.



  • Construction of support walls is unnecessary – Eco-Panels are self-supporting
  • Up to 15% savings on materials
  • No need to format the panels in situ – their use doesn’t create dust as with plasterboard, no damage to interiors
  • Very fast system of anchoring and connecting – building partition walls is quick and easy


Ceiling and attic construction

Eco-Panels are ideal for building various types of ceilings, soffits and pitched attics and new builds.

  • Excellent heat and insulating properties
  • Stable temperature in attic rooms without large fluctuations. Heat penetrates into the building with a 11.8 hour delay – during the summer, rooms retain the cool night air during the day, and during the winter, rooms are heated from the inside and heat is retained until morning.
  • Normal surface finishes can be used.



How about using Eco-Panels as floors?

  • Floors of Eco-Panels can be used immediately after being laid.
  • Greater heat retention capacity – Eco-Panels have a three times greater heat retention capacity than concrete.
  • Good sound insulation properties – low sound transmission, acoustic absorption


Cladding walls

  • Sheathing sandwich construction of walls – suitable for family homes, wood frame construction, low-energy and passive homes
  • The panel construction system offers simple anchoring and connecting of Eco-Panels.
  • Constructing envelope walls is easy and – primarily – fast.

What does XPG Bohemia guarantee to you? The peace of mind that comes with working with professionals.

Partitions, dropped ceilings, wood-frame construction, pre-fab homes, zero-energy homes, low energy or passive energy buildings – we have experience building with Eco-Panels.

During construction, it’s important to know every installation detail, to know how to work with Eco-Panels, it’s important to adhere to important steps and approaches, know the mounting materials, what types of insulation, using the right type and variation of surface finish, etc.

Leave the worries to us – XPG Bohemia.

What can XPG Bohemia offer you?

It’s quite simple:

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Effectiveness