Why use ground screws

  • A method of error-free anchoring in the ground without excavation or concrete
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy to dismantle


How ground screws work

  • Conical shape which forces the soil to compact around the screw once it as been installed.
  • A stable foundation is created which can be used immediately.


XPG Bohemia use Krinner ground screws. Ground screws offer a range of benefits and advantages.

  • No digging and no concrete.
  • Extremely fast installation
  • High stability
  • Easy to dismantle – the screws can then be used elsewhere, or reinstalled to correct errors in the initial installation during original installation (for example, due to inaccurate measurement of base points)
  • Lower costs in comparison with concrete

Use of ground screws

Small recreational buildings

Ground screws can be used in a wide variety of installations on your property or in your yard – as a stable foundation for fences, pergolas, terraces, garden sheds, playhouses, and even clothes dryers, umbrellas, volleyball and tennis nets, flagpoles, tents, etc.

What you’ll appreciate

  • Krinner ground screws are low impact – there’s no digging, no hauling earth, no concrete.
  • Installation is quick and secure.
  • The screws can be removed at any time and re-used elsewhere.
  • Adaptable to any terrain
  • Various sizes of screws to fit any application
  • Wood constructions are anchored above ground – prolonging its lifespan


Professional construction

Krinner ground screws have been used in a variety of construction applications for over 15 years. They can be used as the foundations for wood-frame buildings, pre-fab buildings, various modular buildings, containers and temporary structures, but also for trash containers, benches, flagpoles or information panels.

What you’ll appreciate

  • Fast and cost-effective foundation solutions
  • Precise screw installation and stability
  • Load-bearing up to 72 kN per screw
  • Krinner ground screws can even be used on sloping terrain.
  • Various screw sizes for various applications
  • Wood constructions are anchored above ground – prolonging their lifespan.

Why XPG Bohemia?

XPG Bohemia = Krinner Expert

We ensure:

  • professional installation of Krinner ground screws
  • consultation


KRINNER developed the technology of building on ground screws. The company works to keep improving their products and is constantly developing their installation techniques. XPG Bohemia is the exclusive distributor of Krinner ground screws in Southern Bohemia.